A little about us

My name is Louise and I have two border collies, Fred and Florrie. 
We live in Shropshire and I’ve been doing agility with my dogs since 2013. The bond it’s created between me and my dogs is amazing. I’ve learned first-hand that dogs’ nutrition and exercise is very important to keep them fit and healthy.
Poorly Fred
In 2017, Fred became poorly, leaving his agility career in doubt. This made me realise that I would do anything for my dogs, to be able to love and cherish every moment I have with them. I decided whatever I gave them would be the best I could afford.
It got me looking into dog treats. We are all guilty of that nice chocolate bar, so what could I treat my dog with? I searched high and low online and in pet shops and really couldn’t find anything “special” that was healthy.

So I started making my own “special” home baked biscuits. Initially I baked every dog’s favourite, peanut butter and banana. Then I started to experiment with flavours and have created some delicious tasting biscuits, so good, even I have a little nibble now and then!

The start of Pawfect Delights
It wasn’t until 2018 that I shared my biscuits with some of my agility friends and my dog-walking customers, and the feedback was amazing.

With this, I decided to share the biscuits with everyone else. It’s not just my dogs who are spoilt and deserve something “special”!

A little about the biscuits

Our biscuits are intended to be given as a treat and should not be replaced as main meal alternative. 

For peace of mind, our biscuits have undergone analysis by an accredited UKAS laboratory and of course my chief testers Fred and Florrie.

We are also registered with the local council (Shropshire Council) as a pet food manufacturer – GB 708 18/03649

We pride ourselves on providing top nosh for your dogs, so they contain no nasty additives to extend shelf life and all our ingredients are locally sourced.

We use grain free and gluten free flour, why should those dogs with allergies have to miss out on all the treats! This given in small quantities should not aggravate them, however please check with your vet first.

All ingredients are human grade, we use no meat or animal by products, such as milk, eggs or cheese, our stock is made using just vegetables, making the biscuits vegan too!

For the peanut butter biscuits, the peanut butter is homemade, made completely natural from crushed roasted peanuts. It therefore contains no xylitol or palm oil.

We bake all our biscuits to order, for optimum freshness. Upon receiving your biscuits.