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Snuffle Mats...

The key to a happy and healthy dog is regular enrichment activities, this prevents boredom, burns energy and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.  A great enrichment activity for your dog is a snuffle mat.

Until the end of September there will be a free 80g bag of training treats included with every order.

A few years ago I started making my own special home baked biscuits and treats for my border collies. When I shared my biscuits with some of my agility friends and my dog-walking customers, the feedback was amazing. This led me to create Pawfect Delights so that I could make my doggie biscuits and treats available to many more dogs.

Our biscuits and training treats are made from fresh ingredients, including grain free and gluten free flour. Our stock is purely made from vegetables. We don’t use animal by-products such as milk, eggs or cheese. The biscuits and treats are slow-baked for optimum freshness. 

The peanut butter is all homemade. Made especially for dogs and for your peace of mind, it doesn’t contains xylitol, palm oil or additives. For more information about our biscuits or training treats, browse our website.

For peace of mind, our biscuits have undergone analysis by an accredited UKAS laboratory and of course my chief testers Fred and Florrie.

We are also registered with the local council (Shropshire Council) as a pet food manufacturer – GB 708 18/03649


Slow-baked for optimum freshness and available in a range of flavours. Which one will you choose?

Training Treats

Made from grain free and gluten free flour, the treats are about 1cm in size. Each bag contains about 400g.

Peanut butter

Using 100% peanuts. Does not contain Xylitol, nor any other sweeteners.
Available in 200ml or 350ml jars.